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    Be a part of the Explosive Sexual Healing Training, and take the first step in becoming a Licensed Explosive Sexual Healing practitioner!

    Who The Training Is For:

    -Couples who want to deepen their intimacy to a level they never thought was possible.

    -Single people who are looking to bring in your partner.

    -Powerful people who are ready to make 5 figures a month and step out of the matrix! Strong coaches who are ready to finally reach a new level of achievement!

    -Intuitive, powerful women who are called to empower humanity. Authentic, vulnerable healers and coaches who are ready for co-creative work with the divine masculine. Women who are ready to step more fully into prosperity, partnership and purpose and create global transformation.

    -Strong, rebel men who are all about empowering women. Men who are already in the top 10-25% of the population in sexual mastery. Men who are masters of their bodies, minds, and souls. Men who are ready to master holding space for the body, mind, and soul of the divine feminine. Men who are ready to empower a woman so she can fully surrender to receiving bliss and ecstasy.

    The ESH Training is a fun, co-creative, hands-on experiential exercise for your mind, body, and spirit. The ESH Training will open you to new possibilities in you personal and professional life. You will experience transformation, connection, intimacy, congruency, expansion and prosperity.

    At Mark and Shannon's 2

    During the 3 day retreat, you will learn how to:

    – Shift identity, release judgment and drop into body intuition through experiential exercises

    – Perform past life regression, energy work, angel card readings and body work

    – Use and achieve Gspot orgasm technique to release trauma and manifest abundance (We will cover everything there is to cover about the Gspot in this 3.5 day training, but there will be no actual Gspot massage. Gspot massage will be in the second training.)

    – Talk about your work so that people will do whatever it takes to work with you at YOUR price.

    – Accomplish an ESH Awakening Session (a 90 minute fully clothed ESH session) for your partner and your clients. This training is to qualify you in this type of session and will begin to prepare you for the next training which will license you to have your own Explosive Sexual Healing practice.

    Come join us at the Explosive Sexual Healing Retreat Center in Rancho Santa Fe, Ca. July 25-27

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    This all-inclusive retreat includes organic, vegetarian meals and lodging. Space is limited to 40 people, so reserve your ticket today!

    At Mark and Shannon's


    The Training will include a synergy of  advanced transformational exercises that is meant to induce a Matrix-busting ego death through the fire of transformation into your rebirth. Rise as a powerful leader with awakened eyes and a blissful body who walks in her purpose with a newfound clarity that will shock the ones you love.

    A judging exercise to discover your current identity so you can become the architect of your new identity. Step back from being the sculpture, to the sculptor.

    Money belongs to the sacral chakra along with sex as they both relate to earthly creation. Clearing blocks in shame, doubt, anxiety, and sexual limitations through the experiential exercises will rapidly clear multiple body-level templates and instantly activate your magnetic resonance into new prosperity and wizardry.

    A specialized past life hypnotic regression session will allow you to go to the death-bed of a unique past life where you will receive transmissions of prenatal memories catalyzing your purpose and your gifts in this life.

    A constant language self-audit during the workshop will remind you to empower yourself and make rapid changes in your mind’s operating system – language, in order to shift to a higher octave of your consciousness and creative capacity.

    The magic of wealth – an interactive seminar on the use of magic, intent, energy, and manifestation to become a life-hacker and abundance creator. This will include a time-tested blueprint on using ESH as a profit-maker with sales, internet, and copy templates that we use to live our dreams.

    Separate the voice of fear from the voice of love to shift back into free will from limiting decisions based on fear by gaining a new awareness of the inner critic through interactive mirroring exercise with the help of Ben and Jen’s ego-busting analysis of your limitations and ego-games.

    Clear your cellular memory templates through crafting a personal living body map of your blocks, fears, resistance, and then releasing them as they are discovered through the ESH healing modality’s hands on pain-body clearing technique.

    Start a conversation with Ben about the Training:

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    *Everything in this page is subject to change as we continue to fine tune and perfect the training.*


    Previous trainings:

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